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"Karen and I began spending time together 3 months ago when I decided it was time to make some changes in the way I was living my life. I had been disappointed with the way I looked, the way I felt and my junk food cravings were out of control. We made the decision to meet once a week to develop a game plan for the week and eventually the weeks to come. Karen was so easy to talk to and very encouraging. She helped me to develop my own SMART goals and my own strategies for how to obtain those goals. Each week we would meet, debrief and adjust the plan as needed. I can say that after the time we spent together I feel much more aware of my own goals and how I am living to achieve those goals. I am not as hard on myself when things don't go as planned as now I am able to adjust and move forward. I see the victories in every day and I can assess where I would like to see changes. I recommend spending time with Karen if you are in need of similar support as it was very beneficial for me. She helped me breakthrough the negative cycle I was in for so long and I look forward to what is next for me."

M.H. October, 2021

"During the planning process Karen and I spoke over the phone and I knew immediately that I was going to enjoy spending time with her. Karen could not have been friendlier nor more accommodating. She asked me specifically what I was looking to do and suggested several different hikes. I finally settled on a 3-hour coastal hike near Jenner, CA. Karen and I met at a general store nearby and drove over to the hike site together. On the way up Karen pointed out the Redwoods and other types of trees and plants. When we got to the summit the view was beautiful and we were able to see many mountains and the Russian River emptying into the Pacific Ocean among other things. Karen is quite knowledgeable and I felt very safe and very well taken care of. She brought her first aid kit and many delicious snacks and of course lots of water. On a more personal level Karen is very down to earth and easy to talk to. We had a very open discussion about life and what makes us feel fulfilled. Without a doubt my hike with Karen was the highlight of my trip. I highly recommend you book an excursion with Karen." 

Rachel C. February, 2020

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