HealthStarts2Day featured in Forbes online, 1/08/21:


"Those that are fortunate enough to hike Bella Vineyard's Lily Hill will receive vast rewards. The gorgeous views of Black Mountain can be seen accentuated by bright blue skies with cumulus clouds whose shadows cast on the Dry Creek Valley below,” explains Karen Austin, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, ACE-Certified Health Coach, Behavior Change Specialist and Trail Guide of HealthStarts2Day.


“Vistas galore with each turn on the trail... a majestic Redwood grove and Zin, Syrah and Petite Sirah vines wearing their fall splendor. I craft each hike specifically to the guests' interests and fitness level. All the amenities are provided so that the visitor can enjoy the beauty that awaits.       I bring years of hiking experience, a solid knowledge of Bella Vineyard's history and can provide nutrition guidance and health coaching, too!"

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