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Focusing on your goals, you can choose between walking and hiking at your fitness level. Prices, which include trail guide, bottled water and snack, start at $40 per hour with a separate trip charge. You select the location whether it be the coast, lake, mountains or anything in between and your trail guide at HealthStarts2Day will select a path specifically designed for you so the journey is within your health goals and fitness level.


Accountability. Community. Collaboration. Explore the health changes YOU want to make with guidance from a certified health coach and behavior change specialist! The group setting builds connectivity and focus. One-on-one coaching sessions available to bring an even deeper personalization to your health goals.



Perhaps your health goals include nutrition guidance from a registered dietitian. Eating well and addressing your health concerns is what meeting with Karen is all about. The initial 30 minute consultation is free and can be done over the phone or in person. Honing in your nutrition goals is paramount to the counseling time spent together. Once your health goals are identified, a personalized nutrition program will be created just for you!

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